Thursday, 24 November 2011

Double Trouble

I have kept this off line until now as it was not officially confirmed with the Delightful Mrs S who has been monitoring my running activities with a suspicious eye for some weeks. Any late night activity deemed to be clandestine and running related has been questioned...until now.

George and I have become creatures of habit and always enjoy the Gatliff Marathon 50 km run having taken part in it a number of times and promises to be eventful, this was a planned run in our diaries but the promise of the Breacon Beacons 40 miler came with much surprise and great excitement....the problem? Well the problem was logistics, can George and I run two ultradistance events in six days?

In true spirit of adventure, there is only one way to find it!

Race details:
Gatliff Marathon 31 mile (50km)    : Sunday 27th November 2011
Breacon Beacons 40 mile (65km)  : Saturday 3rd December 2011

I don't think I want to talk about accumulated ascent quite yet.


  1. Brilliant, good luck to you both...what a challenge that is!

  2. what time are you getting to the start on sunday?

  3. We will be there between 6.45 and 7.00am with a view of starting at about 7.30am

  4. 7.30 it is!

    Hopefully there will be a cafe so we can snaffle down some bacon butties and lots of coffee beforehand. Are you running with the Irish Tiger?