Saturday, 5 November 2011

My old workhorses

I have been grumbling of late about a slight soreness in my calves the day after a run and this is indicative of my running shoes beginning to wear out ( The magical 500 mile inbuilt self-destruction?). I am actively looking for a new pair anyway as the Autumn has arrived and Winter weather is promised so I may get a pair of waffle soled shoes which will be great for off and on road training over the next few months.
Mindful of my sore calves (peroneus longus?) I have decided to pull out my old favourites, my Nike Pegasus, which I bought about two years ago and generally use during the winter months, however they too are getting old but will be perfect for the woods, a little tricky on wet chalk, but which shoe isn't.

This week's Long run promises to be a sticky wet one due to the recent rains so it may be best to keep to the main paths over and down the North Downs scarp this Sunday but I have been informed by George that we will have to do at least 20 miles this week with the promise of a longer one next week...who am I to argue

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