Saturday, 12 November 2011

Say hello to YELLOW

After much deliberation by myself and patience from the salesman at the local running equipment emporium I have purchased my latest pair of trail shoes.

Say hello to the very YELLOW Adidas Kanadia TR4 trail shoe which are described as follows:

"...The adidas Men's Kanadia TR 4 are aggressive, agile trail running shoes with a fast and sleek look...."

The problem is that these shoes come up small and the salesperson was pretty good in coming out with various sizes and I think I got the right size, in fact I didn't even look at the sizes until I found a shoe that felt comfortable on me...let's hope so as I have a ~20 mile trail run to settle them in tomorrow


  1. I have the TR3's. They also come up small, so I had to go up half a size. Mine are brilliant, they've kept me upright so far! I hope yours are just as good for you.

    All the best,

  2. Steve, I had a great run on the North Downs today and I am really impressed with them. Fantastic in the downland mud but a tad scary on wet stiles and chalk but I would have the same if I was in other shoes