Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sore feet

After feeling so strong after the Gatliff event at the weekend I took a well earned rest on Monday but by Tuesday I was feeling a little sore in the leg area which I felt was just a matter of ironing out with a short recovery run.

Taking the unusual decision to take the car to the running club I chucked on my running kit and my now fast wearing out road shoes to take the longer journey (by road) to the club house. I felt quite free as I had no GPS watch, no backpack or associated kit with me as I was happy to run around with one of the groups who run at a nice medium pace and for about 5 miles.

I soon realised that in fact I could have gone for a faster group as my legs were feeling fine but I looked to the weekend and reminded myself that I will be running 80 very hilly miles in the space of 7 days. However, when I reached the 4 mile mark I began to realise that my feet were feeling a tad sore, not skin sore but mild bruising sore so was happy that I had made the right decision. When I got home and pulled off my shoes they were indeed partially reddened so had a hot bath and gave them a nice massage to get them malleable again.
Today I am taking the weight of them but teaching tonight which means I will be on them for 3 hours so will have to take care and watch how it goes over the next two days

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