Saturday, 19 November 2011

Spanner in the works

Having written a series of entries in my blog recently waxing lyrical about the Kent countryside, how I felt great and the excitement of running some long distance challenges it all went terribly wrong this week. 

After Sunday's run and then a cracking Tuesday run I have felt this overwhelming sense of physical tiredness culminating with me not running for the remainder of the week. My evenings either working at college or flopped on the sofa. This morning I was even planning to go on a Park Run and was looking for the smallest excuse not to go which was soon found when I lost the bar code thing they require you to run and instead of printing one off layed the basis of Saturday's glorious lie in which found me asleep for 10 hours waking naturally.
 The four day break has left my legs feeling comfortable, my niggly ankle feeling loose and free but I do still have some residual tiredness. Although the distances don't look too long the actual height gain and effort we have put into them is much more than normal and it has shown through.

Tomorrow will be another Downs run with Brian and George, distance and route unknown but I am sure it will be a good one as the weather promises to be dry, can't wait.

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