Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Welcome to the Machine

On Tuesday evening I arrived home and collapsed on the sofa ready for a 30 minute power nap knowing that I wanted to run a  good, solid 12 miles after. Beside my kit I had my trusty back pack weighing in at 7 pounds, it comprised my skinny kit, a litre of water and sundry bits all items I will be carrying on the Brecon Beacons Ultra. My legs felt tired after Sunday's glorious run and my bruised shin ached!

Leaving the house I soon realised that I was actually feeling good, I was feeling as though this was going to be a methodical, comfortable run. The weather was cool and I was wearing shorts, a long sleeved top and a windproof jacket but on my arrival at the club everyone seemed to be bedecked in leggings, hats, double skins and gloves. I however was not perturbed as I was warmed up nicely having negotiated the woods.

Run with the group went well, Richard had decided to take us on a nice run route that comprised a lot of long, shallow hills where I found myself running in the road along cycle lanes "In the Zone" This particular road is unusual as it has a 2.5 km stretch that has an almost linear elevation rise. I felt particularly comfortable and decided to pace out at a constant pace, tick, tock, tick, tock.

The run went on, usual chat and training talk, grumbles and groans when I was released from the pack to lead the runners who wanted to pick up the pace in the last mile so I stepped into a 30 second per mile faster pace again consistently...I was asked "What is your tempo pace?" to which I answered " When I can just about whistle a tune"

On my way back home, after running through the night time woods, I rejoined the road and negotiated the last hill of the day when I was aware of a car travelling beside me. I do not who the driver was but he shouted through the opened passenger window "You are like a machine man, you are like a machine!"

Whoever this man was, he was right, I did feel like a machine that evening...the training is beginning to yield dividends, I am happy.


  1. Nice one Jerry! It's great when you get that 'in the zone' feeling, and also when you start to feel the training is paying off! Good for you for your perseverance and consistency.

  2. I didn't know you could get hold of endorphins in Petts Wood??!!

    You are a MACHINE!

    Rage against the machine!