Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Why I love low-key events

No Bells, no whistles, no brass bands and no nonsense.

I received this no nonsense email from Dick Kearn, the organiser of the Grand Union Canal Race this evening

"For the benefit of first time entrants I wish to point out that this is a very low-key affair.  Please do not expect lots of flags, media coverage and sponsorship.  The event is entirely staffed by unpaid enthusiasts and is staged on a not for profit basis.  Everything is done as cheaply as possible to keep the entry fee low and make the race available to all.  If you are expecting "Goody-Bags" you will be disappointed!"

I think Dick Kearn is brilliant


  1. Absolutely love this! We are doing the same here in SA to keep trail running available for us normal non-rich beings. My type of event for sure!

  2. That's my kind of race. Start line finish line and maybe some prize for the winner. :)