Monday, 26 December 2011

Budgie smugglers

The biggest non-secret in my house was that I was getting a pair of Skins A200 compression tights for my Christmas present, however you will be surprised to know the benefactor was in fact the Delightful Mrs S! I have been itching to have a go but I was in no state on Sunday evening but I desperate to get out this evening for a short (and very slow) recovery run to test them out.

On returning from yet another hearty meal with the Sprightly Mrs & Mrs S (Senior) and fighting the post-prandial somnolence I was seen to busy myself collecting my running kit and the little box containing my new Skins, unpacking them I was seen with dropped jaw at the size of them! They were minute and look as if they were built for one of Santa's Elves...then it occurred to me, they were compression tights so had to be small. The next bit of fun was to get the damn things on and had I been a woman who are experienced in pulling on tights or stockings it would have been a doddle. So after a load of fuss and bother I had them squeezed, yanked and decreased until I stood resplendent in my tights ready to run, that is until I looked at the front "Little Jerry" area and I am sure I had a little budgie smuggled down the front of them such that a pair of shorts were needed to prevent small children and old ladies being upset.

The run
Nothing exciting to report about a 10km run but I have to say that the running with compression tights is the strangest experience as they support you in the areas you least expect them. They supported me around the hamstrings and my IT Bands were supported but by far the most unexpected thing was the amount of heat they produced...time will tell but I am so far very impressed.

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