Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Crash and Burn

A day of mixed emotions, one where I told my health check was all clear and one where I had one of those runs that just needs to be forgotten, if it was not one thing, it was another thing.

I was feeling pretty good this evening before I set off for the club, I had plans to pop into the pub after our run for a quick pint and have a little Christmas cheer having placed a few coins of the realm into my running jacket. As I arrived in to woods I got halfway along the path when I had a terrible stomach cramp but I was only about 1 kilometre from the clubhouse so preferred to get to a proper toilet and on arriving found the door locked....that is until I hunted down the keyholder Richard who knows that when I need to go I need to go so he was good enough to get the door open without a problem.

So surfacing from my "distraction" I decided to go with a medium paced group as the route was going near my house and I would be able to duck out if my stomach upset resurfaced and so we ran out for a nice steady run, that is until we reached a steady downward hill and as I plodded down I felt my hamstring and buttock muscle sieze causing my leg to stiffen. As we continued I then became aware that my toe was hurting, I actually think it was the fact my toe hurt that I changed my gait and that caused the muscle problem. So on reaching the next summit I bid my farewells and grumbled off down the road but now I was at my own pace was able to adjust gait to allow me to comfortably run on finding verges and paths to soften my landing.
An extended run timewise but still finding me with a stomach upset when I got home, a sore foot and toe (as well as a bruise the nail is coming off), a sore buttock and hamstring...I am not a happy runner


  1. Sorry dude but if I know you(and I think I do) you will shrug this off quickly!