Saturday, 17 December 2011

dimidium facti qui coepit habet

...He who has begun has the work half done,

Sunday morning sees me with the challenge of getting up early for a solitary run of about 15 miles as George is unable to attend due to family commitments. This makes it all the more difficult for me as I am renowned for sleeping in when there is no peer pressure but I have promised myself a good run to explore a new path I have found on the map that links up two routes I know.

Later I plan to meet up with my friends from my sister club for a festive run of about 7 miles in fancy dress with carol singing, a charity donation and some food after. So hopefully tomorrow I will get in about 20 miles with the chance to some early solitude I so greatly need at the moment

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  1. I hope that everything has gone as you planned. We are also thinking to run with a red outfit and a Santa Klaus' hat.