Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Don't Panic

Don't Panic Mr Mainwaring
I have been waiting by the front door all day like a love struck teenager waiting for her latest billet doux to arrive but for me it was not a love letter but my new running shoes which are apparently in transit. My current shoes are just knackered and not supporting my poor toe and ball of the foot at all well.

There I sat suddenly remembering that I had to send off my application form for the Winter Tanners on 15th January 2012, looking it up on the interweb it soon dawned on me my application had to be in by 2nd January 2012..AAAAHHHH. So all peace was shattered as I zoomed around the house looking for an envelope, pen, stamp and then to have a tense 10 minutes as the old printer sparked into life and spurted out the application form. All looked good until I realised I needed the cheque book....CHEQUE BOOK? Panic setting in I ran around, the Delicate Mrs S very suspicious her Running RADAR now pinging wildly, cheque written I decamped from my house to post the letter getting there in sufficient time before the collection.
Let's hope it gets there in time....oh the trials of a long distance runner.


  1. I had exactly the same thing with my 3As application for the London marathon that was due in by 6 Jan. I almost left it too late! It is one of the many challenges of being a long distance runner!

  2. Good luck with the application and training Simon. The Tanners is a means to an end so that I can get some good foot mileage in and to get my body prepared again for a good foot slog