Friday, 23 December 2011

Don't tell the Delightful Mrs S

The problem with going to work on the Friday before a Christmas weekend and an eleven day break is that the mind does wander away from business decisions. This is the time that the wife/husband/partner of a long distance runner should be most vigilant, this is the time all long distance runner's credit and debit cards should be confiscated.

The Delicious Mrs S is well aware of the tell tale signs of my late night clandestine movements when it comes to purchases of all things running from entering races or purchasing new shoes and is normally at my side moaning and groaning about my actions. However I have been limping around in the past two weeks with a sore toe and a bruised ball of the foot from my latest road shoes that have travelled 720 miles and desperate for new ones as I embark on the next part of my mileage increase as I approach the Thames Path 100 miler in March 2012.

Imagine my delight when I happened upon my favourite running emporium's website and discovered that my normal pair of shoes had been reduced by  £31.00 and imagine my excitement when I found I still had my credit card in my wallet. They state that there is a 2 day delivery which I find hard to believe what with the extended holiday but I know they will be on my doorstep next I have to work out how to get them in the house without her seeing them.

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  1. She loves you, she will understand.
    Mizuno, very good shoes.