Friday, 16 December 2011

First of Winter?

I am very aware that my current running shoes have just passed the 700 miles (~1125km) mark and whilst in reasonably good condition they are as flat as a pancake such that I am running like a barefoot runner! Aware that the season of good will is soon to be upon us I just cannot afford (or seen to do so) buying a new pair running shoes so I have a cunning plan to run as many miles as possible tonight, and other nights, on woodland trail with a headtorch until they can be renewed.

The evening was cool so I chose to wear two skins and shorts but had gloves just so I was comfortable soon to choose a convoluted route via local golf course, woods and unlit paths. It is along the unlit paths I became aware of the occassional flurry of vapourous rain drops and then a darting of particles in my headtorch......sleet?

I was overjoyed for a moment with the thought of snow such that my pace picked up and I bounced along the paths in my favourite woods. Tonight I was in an ecstatic mood as I enjoyed my solitary meanderings through the all enveloping darkness. My legs grumbled, my ankles twanged as I clunked and slipped in unseen muddy patches. I shooed foxes who dared to stop and glance at me, their eyes shining in my light.

Tonight I was thankful that I had a chance to escape...

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