Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Lights, Camera and Action

When running the Gatliff 50km (call it 56km) our good ultra buddy Rob kept pulling out a little camera and took several action shots of us running along. 

He is the first to admit whether it was recording or not as it only had one button but the results were this.Remember what I said in my Gatliff Race report:

"...The merry band of four continued on in good humour, Bazza probably taken aback by the amount of noise that Rob and I were making as we teased each other remorselessly ..."

and this footage bares witness to the level of noise, swearing and mickey that occurs on these runs this time  caused by our reaction to an obnoxious walker who had irritated us with his comments but it kept us stoked up for a few miles.

Please visit Rob's excellent blog which contains his musings and take on his running life and from which I remorselessly pinched this video :-)

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  1. Indeed your comment "Fuck off you lanky bin man" was perhaps my favourite moment of that particular descent!

    Link my blog to yours Jez!