Sunday, 18 December 2011

Mince Pie Run 2011

The morning started at 6.45am with my alarm beeping me awake and as my previous post (dimidium facti qui coepit habet) suggested, I needed to step out of bed immediately or the morning's run would have been in jeopardy. So with those words ringing in my ears I stepped forth into a very cold morning (-2 C) and drove to High Elms Visitor Centre where I was later to meet a bunch of friends to run the annual Mince Pie Run.

The first run
It turned out that the exquisite route plan in my head evaporated like the condensation in my breath as soon as I hit the first trail as my feet took me towards some old paths I knew and I ran for running sake, all I had to do is get back to the car park before 10.00am so I ran...walked a little, ran on, stopped at the top of a hill I had never climbed and just watched the icy morning below me and the shadows shorten. Lost in my thoughts for those early hours was soon back to reality when I realised I only had 30 minutes to get back to the car park so with my head down I pegged off through the woods, up the hill and over the stile then drop down into the, now full, car park where I saw familiar figures milling about laughing and chatting. It was an amazing turn out of about 50 people all bedecked in Santa hats, elfin and Bat Woman outfits, we even had a white rabbit

Total so far : 12 miles

The Mince Pie Run
Tradition dictates that there are two routes, one 5 miles the other about 8 miles but this year there was a group doing a 4 mile walk. So setting off together we were immediately sent in the wrong direction as we decided to follow Brian who was told off by the old guard and pointed in the right direction in howls of laughter. The wonderful thing about these runs is the continual laughing and joking from everyone, there is no racing, frequent stops and clambers as we all wait patiently to climb a stile or cross a muddy path. I was rather taken aback when I found myself being asked about my running this year and my various antics but was happy to tell a few stories and my plans for the next few months.

The run continued and the laughter reached a peak when we ran the final mile where the number of walkers increased, some with young children, and their looks as they were to see us being chased by a 6 foot white rabbit!
So on our return we found that the walkers had filled up a picnic table with mince pies, chocolate goodies and party food and 50 runners and walkers tucked in with gusty sipping mulled wine to await the Christmas carols.

Total for the day: 20 miles

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