Sunday, 25 December 2011

New Running Watch

The requirement as per my Christmas List:

  1. A running watch that has:
    • A stop watch
    • Has an alarm
    • Has NO GPS functionality
    • Batteries that last longer than 24 hours
  2. Other Running apparel that will be discussed later
Imagine my thorough delight when I was handed a little box this morning that once unwrappedshowed to contain a wonderfully cheap digital running watch, without GPS functionality and batteries that are "guaranteed" to last more than a year. I have since discovered my new Constant Men's Black Digital Multi Function Watch cost £4.99, perfect for those long runs over 12 hours :-)

1 comment:

  1. Now that is not like you - Gadget-man?!

    I was concerned that my 310XT might not last the distance for the upcoming SDW100. I invested the sum total of a 5.1V Solar USB charger. An incredible 23g and I can tape it to my rucksack during the day......£2.69 with free postage off ebay!.....Oh how I love Xmas Jezza!!!!