Friday, 30 December 2011

Not the Parkrun

I have heard so many people talk about this craze called Parkrun and have yet to venture out on one. It is not really my cup of tea to be frank mainly because Saturday in my only lie in for the week and it just seems to be (in my limited) opinion people chasing personal bests.

I saw the local Parkrun park in a different light last night when I used it as a shortcut to get to the track for some pace training. As I stumbled and bounced over the puddles that were a gravel path I assumed that I was now on the well trodden path of hundreds of Parkrunners....but oh boy, at night it is feral!

Running home along the outer edge I could smell a really potent scent of cannabis and then a bunch of about 8 youths, with dogs sitting, in the dark puffing away. Each to their own as I say, just leave me alone but as I approached one of the idiots stood up and got in my way "Easy Bro' what's your problem?" his voice deeply clouded by the effects of cannabis, I replied "What is your problem?" he then responded "What do you mean I ain't got a problem Bro'!" and so I said back "Good, we don't have a problem then, see ya" side stepped him and trundled off leaving the idiot in a befuddled and confused state such that I was about 50 yards before I heard a shout and the rest of his mates laughing.

Even before I left the park I counted 2 cars cruising around the car park and another couple of young lads walking their growling dog both heavy with the scent of cannabis.

So whilst Saturday morning is sweetness and light, the night time definitely is NOT the Parkrun


  1. Indeed this is NOT the Parkrun but Parkrun is awesome! Loads of people who might not have got into running have done so using Parkrun. We use it in Crystal Palace or Brockwell Park as a meeting place, run to it, run a 5k flat out and then run miles afterwards (usually lots!)

    For the record....Parkrun is awesome!

    On dealing with "da yoof" at that time of night? Perhaps "OMG, WFT, the guys over there (point back in the direction you came from) have some pukka knarly weed man" and then go for some fartlek. Works every time!

  2. Rob, I totally agree, Parkrun is a feeder for our club with many a new person getting a taster...for me I suppose it is just the size of the crowd...250 people in large crowd is just my nightmare (I get panic attacks in large crowds)

  3. Everytime I follow the italian rugby team in Great Britain, if I don't find a different longer race, I run the Parkrun. The last was in Edinburgh in march, the next will be in Cardiff (march 2012).