Monday, 19 December 2011


It often amazes me when running that I don't get many injuries in the form of stresses and strains but I do get a few lumps, bumps and scratches from the trails today being no exception. Whilst out on the Mince Pie Run I was running along a reasonably level path with the remains of a few fallen branches from the recent high winds scattered here and there. Also remember that I have other runners around me obscuring my view of the trail surface when.........THWACK OOWWWWW.

An extended howl from my goodself when I have stubbed my toe on a stick just above the toe guard of my shoe, no problems I thought, my feet were cold and I could feel a little discomfort nothing I haven't handled before. However it did get worse as the run went on.

So tonight I have found myself limping about the house with a tender toe and a bruised nail bed which has slowly become a little more swollen than I would want....hence why it is iced and raised :-(

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  1. Ouch, that sounds painful, but it's a part of trail running I'm willing to take for all the pleasures I get out on the trails.