Thursday, 1 December 2011


I can safely say that this week has been a stressful one with a major deadline at work that required me to work longer hours than normal. This capped off with a strike at work yesterday requiring me to cross not just one picket line but a second one when I had to teach at college last night. The latter one was absolutely disgusting with over 100 people blocking my path and name calling, it was only the presence of a Police Officer that prevented me laying into a picketer who shoved me causing me to stumble then call me a scab...this is an apolitical blog so don't want to go into the ins and outs of the reasons for the strike but it was absolutely disgusting that one of my wheelchair bound students was treated with similar contempt.
After college I returned home to then complete the deadline of my project completing the upgrade and configuration at 1.30 am. Today was equally busy tying up the loose ends before being told at 5.00pm that the Director wanted a full report....a request too far.

No running this evening due to relaxing (as best I can) before Brecon Beacons Ultra on Saturday, I am ssoooo tired but I wish I could have run tonight just to destress.

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  1. Indeed. I was in school for 11 hours on Wednesday Jez!

    Hope the feet have recovered. I have managed to run every day this week after work, post Gatliff....only for de-stressing!!