Wednesday, 7 December 2011

There they sat

...stinking the utility room out, the normally Delightful Mrs S grumbling about said smell I was forced to do something I have never done before, I stuck my trail shoes in the washing machine!

The Mighty George always mentions that he washes his training shoes ( I have a sneaky feeling it is the Determined Mrs F that does it however) after a muddy trail run to no ill effect so who am I to disagree with such findings. So on Monday evening I threw my trusty shoes into the washing machine and put on a rinse cycle all I can say is....


The resulting mud and mess was such that  I had to run a  rinse cycle again after their removal to get rid of the horrific Brecon mud and to save Mrs S shoving me in said washing machine if she discovered what I had done. I then hung the shoes outside where they didn't dry so tonight I brought them into the house to dry by a radiator.

My shoes are now shiny clean but BOY..... do they stink still


  1. Haha, I never wash my shoes until I retire them from running. Then I have to wash them by hand before they can go into the washing machine. Some never make it into the washing machine because they are just too ghastly.

  2. you do realise that is a cat not shoes in the washing machine!