Monday, 12 December 2011

TP100 Training Starts

After a lovely seven days rest I will have to start the training for real for the Thames Path 100 which commences in 81 days from the day of this post which is 3rd March 2012 from Richmond Town Hall, Richmond London at 10.00am.

The first official announcement is I am cutting back on the cider to see if I can shed some of my weight and to get a healthier sleep pattern. The second is I am looking for anyone from my local running clubs who would like to be my pacer from 51 miles, preferably an experienced night runner and willing to run/walk with me during the hours of darkness from Henley to ensure that I keep the pace up and focus on getting to the end unscathed. 

So the training plan has been readjusted, the support and drop bag plans have been set just the logistics remain, I love this bit of the preparation :-)

1 comment:

  1. 1. Good idea to give up the cider.....I am going for a dry couple of months in a bid to get as fit as I will ever be.

    2. I will look in the diary. I can't promise but would love to do some part of my training and to help out.