Sunday, 11 December 2011

Week off

After my mammoth runs of the previous two weekends I had to take stock of what my body had gone through and take a break.

The run in the Brecons whilst fantastic had actually caused some bruising to my feet which was unexpected having discovered that a large amount of mud had compacted on the insoles and pressed into my instep. This had bruised the plantar fascia in the arch of both feet, with this my feet and ankles were mildly swollen, time to rest but first I ran 10km with the club which did wonders to loosen my legs. My impending hospital visit put pay to any runs on Thursday evening and a late night on Friday also stopped me from going out.

On speaking to George on Saturday evening it was agreed that we were not to run today and to be frank it wasn't a very hard decision. So the best thing to do was just put the last week on the shelf and come back next week stronger and rested

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