Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wollowing Hippo

All I needed to do tonight was run, just run about 12 miles and feel comfortable to carry on my training after my week off. The weather in the South-East of England had been high winds and rain for the past 24 hours with a nice break during daylight hours being a city dweller by day I had not seen the trails after such a storm. So came the time for me to get ready and I donned a long-sleeved shirt, my windproof smock, a pair of shorts and then at the last moment my fluoro jacket as I didn't want to get told off yet again for wearing all black on a club run!

I hit the road with the intention of testing my newly acquired Silva Siju Compact LED headtorch (Brecon Beacons goody bag) along the woodland footpath having quickly pocketed my trusty Petzl. On hitting the woodland path I decided that I would never, ever wear the Silva Siju again unless as a last resort, it was not designed for night running, more for car maintenance or walking and map reading.

So now I was on the path and it occurred to me that only a few months ago I was reporting dragonflies along this section but tonight it was quite hazardous in my road shoes, mud, puddles, roots and fallen branches were just some of the obstacles to contend with.....perfect Jerry conditions.

After a run of the mill club run I returned the same way but realised that it seemed to be a little tougher on the way back causing me to step on the edge of most puddles, I cared not  jot.

The Delicious Mrs S welcomed me into the house with her usual air of disinterest and disdain after such a run ordering me to go to the shop for urgent supplies (read as milk) and not get mud on the carpet.....again  so attempting to keep the peace grabbed a dry t-shirt and car keys went to the shop immediately being aware that I was being stared at from the waist down.

UUURRGGHH what a sight I must have been for when entering the bright lights of the shop I could see I was covered from my toes to the base of my shorts in splatterings of mud and by the looks of the security guard I was not very welcome...I cared not a jot for I had a lovely run.

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