Saturday, 31 December 2011

A year in numbers

It appears that the tradition is now that runners post their annual mileage either on their blogs or Facebook, who am I to disappoint :-)

Here are my numbers at at glance which average out at 6.2 miles, 10km a day:
Highest Month 269 miles
Lowest Month 100 miles
Highest Week 94.5 miles May (Week of GUCR)

Mileage Total 2,263.3 miles

In the year I have missed just one week of running caused by a chest infection. I have done my mathematics and got it slightly screwy as the mileage above shows I have done 6.2 miles a day on average which is 10km in my books.

What's more I have only run 2 marathons..."What?" I hear you shout, yes because the other 14 events were  ultra ranging from 50km to 91 miles

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