Friday, 9 December 2011

Zombie Runner

As my Dear Readers will know, in recent weeks I have undertaken on a big challenge of two ultras in seven days and whilst an individual attempt is hard enough doing two is a tough call. The overall effort was not excessive as I took them at a sensible pace as I had nothing more to prove than just to be able to complete them.

In recent weeks I have felt an "uncomfortable" sensation in my chest after a bigger exertion and these last two weeks have had some of those. On Monday last I attended my Doctor to talk about this but felt an absolute chump when he said "What, when you get up to go to the fridge or similar?" to which I replied "No, when I have run up a 2,000 foot mountain at the weekend". I chose never to play cards with this Doctor as he has the best poker face I have ever seen but he did stop to think over the next set of questions!
There was nothing obvious to discuss but as I am over 40 years old he chose to get a full preventative screening check of blood test, chest X-ray and an ECG as he theorised that my heart will have been enlarged from the large mileage I do. On this subject his poker face dropped a bit when I mentioned I did ~50 miles a week but had been doing in excess of that in the previous months.

The Hospital
So this morning I attended the hospital at 7.45 am to get my blood tests and have learnt that if there were to be a new Olympic sport called "Blood Test Queuing", the gold medal going the person who gets to the front first, I have come to realise that anybody over the age of 65 years old will win as I am sure the majority of the people in front of me camped outside overnight!

Blood tests and X-ray complete I went for my ECG and went through the "wiring up" procedure and relaxed back for the readings to be taken. All complete, the Healthcare Assistant passed the envelope to me and commented that I had a very low heart rate and on looking at it later found that at the time of the test it was 43 beats per minute!!! Now I know it is low but considering I was in a strange environment and not totally relaxed I am gobsmacked.... the question is, am I a zombie?


  1. Hope you feel better soon m8, that is some heart rate, 11 more than Lance Armstrong's!

  2. ah the old blood test queue, you definitely need some race tactics to win that one, I have never succeeded. Came in around 17th once though!

  3. WOW 17th Liz...I only managed a pultry 20th