Thursday, 26 January 2012

Back to the Track

Having lectured on both Tuesday and Wednesday evening I was looking forward to getting out into the fresh air for a good run. As you know, Thursdays for me are a real strain to get out to train but I am pleased to note that the marathon wannabees at my club are all very keen and getting out to train at my local track every Thursday now. 

Due to my depressive mood and my miserable outlook on life at the moment I need every bit of motivation to get me out and the fact that there was the chance of some company tonight I pushed myself out of the door. My intention was not to be part of their 3 x 1600 metres reps but just wanted to plod out 28 laps at a fixed pace, 14 one way and 14 the other way. I am quite pleased with my pacing which varied by no more than 2 seconds per lap, the plan was to do it in 1 hour and I managed to do it in 59:16 which was an almost perfect 8:30 min/mile.....I was pleased with that but did have the caretaker switching the lights off whilst I was pulling by backpack on so did cut it fine tonight.

The run back felt almost like a commute and was just a method to get home and get a cup of tea. Training is going fine at the moment although my legs do feel a little stiff at the moment but considering the quality of my training I am happy with the way things were going with only 8 days to go before the Moonlight Challenge 32.75 mile off-road run.


  1. Chin up Jerry, I need you to inspire me!

  2. Yeh Jerry, you seem down m8. You need to sign up to another Ultra!