Thursday, 5 January 2012

Big Brother is Watching You

I was determined not to end up with my feet up on the sofa tonight but to see myself out on a nice steady run afterall I have some big challenges in the coming weeks and I have to get my finger out. The problem was I was late from work and therefore there was no chance at getting to the running track in time so I chose instead to run on road and find some hills.

The weather is still blustery with a clear star-filled sky so I donned a lond sleeved top, windproof jacket, gloves and for the first time in months my running cap. I started off gently and soon realised that as usual I was over dressed for the occasion so stopped running to walk a few yards whilst I stuffed my Buff, keys and cap into my various pockets. I had just started off again when I heard a shout from behind

"OI JERRY, why are you not down at the track?"

Was Big Brother watching me? I jumped out of my skin but recognised the voice of Martin from my running club who was bedecked in cycling kit riding a rather splendid bicycle. He told me that there were about 20-30 people who had turned up for training at the track. Personally I think I made the right choice by not going especially after a grumble last week about me running in one of the outer lanes in the opposite direction to the runners in the inside lane as that amount of runners will certainly spill over two lanes.

Martin asked me how far I was running and I said "I planned 12, it will be probably be 10 but I suppose it will be 8" but before Martin zoomed off to his house he said "Seems like you are counting it down" and he was right so I kicked myself up the arse and made a point of running the full distance..and I did with a little extra on the end making 13 miles


  1. I am pleased I spurred you on to completing the full distance

  2. uh-oh Martin sees all and knows all!

    Who told you off last week you weren't in anybody's way. Besides there were plenty last week doing their cool down in reverse.

    I for one like the face to face encouragement of someone running in the opposite direction!