Sunday, 8 January 2012

Do cowpats explode

...and other trail questions?

Today's run was a worry for me as toe is still a little sore so I chose to wear my new road shoes knowing that they would get a little muddy but that hasn't stopped me before. The general consensus was to run about 20 miles and to start at Green Street Green, Orpington and then head south.

The problem with a 6.30am start in the middle of the winter is there is no light until about 7.30am which didn't stop us in the slightest but I had got it set in my head that I wanted to retrace an old route we had tried and failed to navigate. So we were soon seen running into an open field trying desperately to see the other side in the direction of the fingerpoint sign when we realised that we were in a field inhabited by cows, scanning the murky field I was happy that none were there but then stepped in a cowpat and was quite amazed that with such a gentle step there would be such a response with a shower of exploding poo that glooped up my leg :-) With the path lost we soon jumped the gate and decided to run the road as a safer option to get on the North Downs via Knockholt.
With a mixture of road and trail we dropped down onto the Downs and it still amuses me that George and I tend to stop ever so often at the entrance of a footpath and ask each other if we have run down it before and today was no exception when we clambered down an embankment and joined a path that took us out into a village, we had been searching for the footpath from this village on many occasion and have realised that the reason we couldn't find it was because it looked like the driveway to a house.

Stopping for some breakfast from our backpacks and suitably refreshed I asked if we could just recce a certain section we were at that formed part of the new Night Run and was pleased we had as the route was now blocked by a deeply ploughed field (common land, ploughed?) which made us change route with an unexpected discovery that the Night Runners will have a river crossing to contend with :-)

The rest of the run was a great piece of effort with us discovering the location of about 20 brand new Bentley GT V8 Continentals and Aston Martin V8 Virages in a business park that left our jaws dropped, not because of the price but more in th location of a chalk pit.

Last bit was a 300 foot climb in 1/3rd of a mile which saw us cursing the run at 15 miles leaving us breathless and once recovered belted the last 5 miles out to get back to the car feeling tired but pleased with such a  good run

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