Monday, 9 January 2012

GUCR 2012 Entry

After the long entry process and successful ballot entry I finally received the GUCR 2012 Fee Payment email. Dick Kearn and his team have got the entry process and associated admin off pat now and it has been a breeze as a race applicant.

The Delightful Mrs S (whom I am very proud of at the moment for getting a new job after an interview today) has gone off to work which allows me the chance to rush around quickly now and get the cheques and envelopes written. Although it 24 weeks away I feel the road to training has started officially now and the events I am doing in the next few months are part of the build this space.


  1. That is more than a challenge. 145 miles no stop with a cut off after 45 hours. Good luck for the training and the race but I am sure you will do it.

  2. That is fantastic! Having a goal like that to train for is always great. All the best, you will do well with this.

  3. Thanks guys, BTW Happy new Year Johann, this is the first time I have had the chance to say it to you :-0