Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Monday night's run was found wanting; after my disastrous attempt of a run on Sunday I was worried about this one. I stepped from the door and took the first 100 metres slowly finding that my aches and pains were much reduced and just needed a gentle warm up and after about 1 km was feeling reasonably OK.

Then the humdrum part started, this run held no joy for me, it just seemed a monotonous push forward, I was disinterested in things going on around me until I decided to step into the local parkland. I had donned my headtorch and when I came to the clearing looked up into the sky to see the night's stars were outstanding for the trees had hidden the streetlights sufficient for me to see Orion's Nebula making me stop in my tracks and gaze up for a while.....well it felt like a while, in fact it was 5 minutes and I hadn't even noticed the dark!

So off I went on a joyless run and as I approached my usual turn I found myself continue on, and on, and on such that when I looked down at my Garmin, what was supposed to be a quick 10km now found me 13.5 kms in and 2.5 km from home. Here comes the strange thing about the dualism of running my body now wanted me to carry on, my mind just didn't....I was just fed up and miserable......I went home, run to forget.

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  1. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the run. You have to have the bad runs to get the good ones.