Monday, 30 January 2012

One down, one to go

So that is January 2012 in the bag and it has been a very successful month in running terms with me travelling just short of 200 miles putting me in a perfect position for the start of my GUCR training plan and the final stages of preparation for the Thames Path 100 mile run (TP100) in March.

I now have 1 week to go for the Moonlight Challenge and 5 weeks to the TP100 which is approximately 200 miles (~320 km) of running before then.

I went out for a 10km set piece run this evening, very slowly, just to get some blood flowing through my legs before my two day forced rest whilst I teach in the evenings. Not the greatest of runs but good after my longer (and faster) than usual long run yesterday.
#######STOP PRESS#######
I have identified the final target event for this year,
more details to follow once I have been accepted

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