Sunday, 29 January 2012

One for All

...and All for One.

This morning was a real strain to get up and my duvet kept calling me to return and keep it warm but I kept true to my word as I now say that something wonderful is waiting to be seen on my run. I had set myself the task of running 24 miles on the road by myself, a training run that can be very boring when I have done it before but I was determined to get through it in one piece.

Starting about 30 minutes later than normal I was surprised to see so many runners, some obviously the usual bunch of New Year marathoners getting prepared for the London or Brighton marathons but could see in the distance a running gait I recognised, Jason Cherriman, who was no doubt running his 20 mile long run at my 5km pace! With cheery waves we shouted our greetings and carried on our ways. This continued on for a few miles with runners and cyclists waving or greeting each other and it kept me motivated until turning a corner I saw two people who used to be from my club who left under a dark cloud, I shouted my greeting, even calling them by name, they didn't even flinch, didn't even look up, ignoring me. I know they had seen and heard me but couldn't help but shout out to them to grow up...that got the reaction I was expecting :-)

My run went on and I again was pleased to see my average pace of 6 mph (~10kph) was almost spot on as I ascended a hill that just seem to go on for about 5 miles and just seem to sap the energy from my legs but I was soon at the top with the chance to get off the main roads and into the fog which was getting thicker and thicker the closer I got to the North Downs.

I was about 18 miles into my run and I had decided to get off the road and go along a well trodden woodland path and trail when suddenly from around the corner a snake of runners closed in and I heard them shout "Hey it's Jerry, high five" and stepping to the side I saw Brian C, Clive, David, Kevin and a swathe of people slap my extended hand, as quick as it started, it was over and I am racking my brain to remember all the faces and names but it spurred me on and after the rudeness of the previous two runners cheered me up no end to have such a lovely bunch of people as friends.

On my arrival at home and reflecting on the run I am really pleased that I ran it in 4 hours exactly, perfect pacing.


  1. Fantastic Jerry! 24 miles in 4 hours!! Well done, and by yourself too. Sometimes that is a challenge in itself! :-)

    1. Thanks Donna, my marmite sandwich stuck to my gingernut...a strange but quite delicious mixture, I was grateful I took them as I was starving halfway through:-)