Monday, 2 January 2012

Only 60 days to go!

Sixty days sounds a long time but it is only now that I have looked on the Centurion Running website to see their time ticker counting the hours and days down do I realise that it is not long at all.

So far I have tried desperately to stay to the training plan I set myself back in November which has been very challenging to complete what with work, my teaching commitments and family life. I will be reviewing the mileage aspect and dropping it by about 10-15% on some weeks of the plan as quality is more important at the moment especially with injuries creeping into the mix but I have been very happy with my consistency over the Christmas and New Year period but will need to step up in the next few weeks. I have two 50km events in the next month (See my events diary) which will toughen me up as one of them is my favourite run at night which will serve me well for the Thames Trot

Some early starts are in order but first have to nurse this toe of mine so will probably stick to the roads for a little while so that my new shoes can provide some much needed support

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