Friday, 6 January 2012

Plastered again

My lovely foot
Two weeks on and the toe saga continues, last night I was getting ready to run and I could see the nail was beginning to come away and I knew by the end of the night it will have gone, I was not wrong.

After getting home from my run I went up for my bath and lo and behold it had lifted so it was just a matter of getting in the bath and letting the warm water do its job of softening up the skin and it could be yanked off without trouble. The interesting thing is that once the nail was removed the underlying bruise spread along the bed and I have a fresh "old" bruise, weird and a new one on me.

I have been walking around happily on it all day but I chose to tape it up and then use strapping to lift the toe up and away from the insole of my running shoe which seems to have done the trick. I have run a nice easy 8 miles tonight and it seems to have held up well to the pounding from the road. I am now down to 8 toenails.

Rest day tomorrow ready for a nice long run on Sunday

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