Saturday, 14 January 2012

The problem with carb-loading

Well it was not really carb-loading but we all went out for a lovely meal to celebrate the Delicious Mrs S's success at getting a new job contract. She decided that she wanted to go for a Thai meal about a mile from our house and we all were keen to try it out, I was looking forward to a good plate as I was feeling hungry all day and quite enjoy this type of food although I am not an expert.

Drinks ordered we went through the menu and I asked the waitress about a dish I had tried "They are noodles that are flat and made of rice but I cannot remember their name" I explained...excitedly she open the menu at the back and said "Pad Thai, you need Pad Thai" so being a trusting fellow I agreed "Yes, get me Pad Thai"

After a long wait our food arrived and the Pad Thai was placed next to my plate...I was starving so piled my plate up high with it and a big slosh of red curry and tucked in...........WWWWOOOOHHH what started as a warm glow went on to be a fire then furnace.....the cook must have put in too much chilli oil for soon my nose was running, my face all blotchy and my eyes streaming much to the hilarity of Mrs S. The waitresses were even looking worried as I battled through the fire that was inside my body.

I am totally OK now but I am really worried that I am going to have stomach problems on Sunday's 50km run


  1. 3 years ago the night before a 10 miler race in Edinburgh, I tried the haggis and I spent part of the night in the rest-room. The race was a nightmare because of the weakness and the stomachache. Lesson learned: no food experiments the day before the race.
    But luckily you are ok and I am sure that tomorrow the Thay food will only be a memory.
    Good luck on the 50k.

    1. Thankfully I have had no problems today and I am ready to put in a good run tomorrow even though it will be -2 centigrade!