Sunday, 22 January 2012

A question of numbers

Let me get this into context and this ever need to "keep to the training plan", the danger to see the numbers but not listen to the body.

I wrote my training plan way before Christmas, a mixture of previous plans and ones drawn of the internet from various sites and resources. They have been really useful and have got me to where I am today. This week has been really strange what with not running until Thursday and I had it in my mind that I would run Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday....I must have been deluded and whilst recognising I wasn't to run early on Sunday I was to go out in the evening.

See the mental image of me rushing about the house, climbing ladders earlier in the day, clearing various things up and doing the general chores so that I could run this evening. See me get my kit on, headtorch in my pocket and I step onto the road to run, I get 100 yards up the road.......stop and came home and sit here writing my blog. "Why?" I hear you exclaim Dear Reader, why indeed.

Now let's get it into context, looking at my running diary for the previous 7 days I have calculated that I have run 64.7 miles (104 km) 34 of those in the previous 3 days and of them 47.5 miles on trail and legs are beaten up and I am tired....that Dear Reader is why I turned around, the mind said yes, the body said no as I felt my right outer knee grumble and my problem toe gripe.

I am a little perturbed by not doing the run tonight but that is probably more the fact that my routine has been altered and I will have to adapt afterall, the Moonlight Challenge is soon to be upon me and I want to rock that little world.

So let's call this a rest day and then I can go out tomorrow for a sensible run and get to grips with this training.


  1. Wise call for sure. Listening to your body is the right way to go. You certainly earned some rest.

  2. Rest is good. You'll only come back stronger