Saturday, 21 January 2012

Recce over

After driving various family members to their ventures I was cut loose to do my own, the clues were there for all to see as I bounced down the stairs in my running kit.

Arriving at Shoreham public car park I was off and out by 12 noon to hit the trails and immediately became aware that the path I had chosen for the outward journey was through a field full of cows, often called badgers on these night runs as a euphemism as a few of the runners are scared of them so I have found an alternative and parallel path that takes us around this field without too much of a diversion.

The recent rain has turned the usually hard downs paths into a sticky mess that made it hard going in places but will certainly make it a good workout for the runners.

I enjoyed today's run as I wanted to prevent a complete out and back so wanted to join to paths together so took my map with me and have found a fantastic path that joins up two major sections of my normal running routes and extends it out .

I am happy with the route which, whilst having a few tricky areas, promises to be a challenge for all of us with the promise of a lovely pub stop halfway around...I just have to do the run again this time with some great people.

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