Friday, 20 January 2012

Recce time

In a moment of  madness panic I remember that the route for the night run had to be changed when we discovered that field we were planning to run over was deeply ploughed and not the comfiest thing to run over. With that in mind I have decided to run the route during Saturday daytime just to check it is all the same and no surprise changes have been made.

One thing I know that will not have changed is the "water feature" which I am looking forward to showing the pack. From what I can see from my Facebook Event Page there are about 13 people confirmed with a few promised offline so it could potentially be a big pack hence why I want to get it right. So with military precision the plans are set for family duties and in between their exploits I will be able to escape for a quick 8 mile reconnaissance  cross country and may even pop in for a quick half of cider at the turn around point :o)

Tomorrow promises to be a fun day of running and I can't wait.


  1. i hope you had fun this morning.
    Are you ready for the 6Nations?

    1. Most definitely, I am looking forward the match on 11th February ;-)