Thursday, 19 January 2012

Show me your war-face

I have had a very stressful week both physically and mentally and having missed my run at the club on Tuesday was desperate to have one tonight just to say my training plans were back on track.

Great aspiration but after I had fallen asleep on the sofa and it took a great amount of will to get up and put some kit on and having done so remembered that some of my club were meeting at the track for their marathon training. I thought I would run up there and have a look at them go through their paces and maybe join in for a  few laps but I had to get my skates on.

On my arrival there they were, all warmed up and ready to do 4 x 1km reps, I scuttled across the track and had just got to the start line when someone shouted "GO" and they shot off, I didn't follow....

I happily watched the runners go by at their different paces, I would join in on the shoulder of one of them, do a lap and then stop doing it for various people which I found quite therapeutic getting me out of my self-imposed depression. I stopped everso often and you could see that the runners were getting tired as the lactic acid started to build up ....they were getting war-faces very much like mine froma previous post.

I enjoyed tonight both from my comfortable 11 mile run and the opportunity to watch the others go through their paces

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