Thursday, 5 January 2012

Thing One and Thing Two

Storms have hit Great Britain with a vengeance in the past few days and yesterday saw some very powerful winds and rain causing local flooding and fallen trees. Luckily my area was not hit that badly but I was not willing to go through the woods as my foot was still grumbling and so chose to stick to my new shoes and therefore to the pavements.

The ambient temperature was quite warm but the winds really cooled the night air such that we were seen shivering and jumping up and down to keep warm at club time. I chose to go with a group doing a steady pace but with the promise of a nasty little hill halfway around.

The pace was quite easy for the first part and soon the hill arrived which saw me take the lead on the ascent until I pulled off the pace as my toe grumbled to be overtaken which annoyed me so I went on to get to the top about 3 metres behind the lead who was now bent over and gasping.

Then the fun really began when the group leader set us all free to allow us to run at our own pace and I pranced off into a fast tempo pace soon to be joined with a gent I haven't run with before and who wanted to ask me about distance running so being so loquacious I was happy to tell him a few highs and lows equally he was telling me a few interesting facts such that we forgot about our surroundings, the other runners long behind us and the two of us bouncing off each other well. It was only until we crossed a roundabout that we "came to" to realise we were running at 7:30 min/miles and the group were now far behind us, we were on fire and chose to drive on.

I was had to laugh as we were within 1 kilometre of the club house and was thinking of pulling off the pace a bit when he turned to me and said "Sorry to have held you back, you can go on if you want" He took the words right out of my mouth....I was about to bust a gut and he thought I was being held back, how wrong he was :-)

Foot feeling better but kept to the plan so did not run Wednesday evening ready to run Thursday....that is unless Thursdayitis gets me


  1. Wow, you were conversing as well!! Oh to be fit enough to chat and jog.

  2. Tee hee, it is normally "Which...[gasp]...way...[pant]...[gasp]...should we...[pant]...go?" :-)

  3. A likely story Jerry, I have never known you to be quiet even long enough to take a breath!