Saturday, 28 January 2012

Trace the Pace

After yesterday's successful training run on the track where I planned to do some pace training where the object was to settle into a comfortable pace and keep it going, continuously. I had planned 11kilometres per hour tonight and I was near as damn it spot on. Tonight was to see if I could do the same on the road so I set out on an 13km set piece I have devised.

It was noticeable tonight that my quads were a tad tight so I chose to use the first kilometre as a very gentle warm up as it was up hill all the way and then found them nicely warmed up for the next 2km gentle ascent which I chose to dig in and accept the discomfort and then down hill all the way.....wwweeeeeeeee arms out like an aeroplane on a busy A road and I didn't care. One gentle, but long, ascent later and again down hill all the way to home coasting into my home.

I am feeling a little more positive in myself today and it possibly showed through my run and general demeanour but....well time will tell.

Good quality short run tonight, kit drying on the radiator, let me see how I feel tomorrow to see if there is a back to back this weekend.

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