Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Winter Tanners 2012

I was chatting with George on Sunday's run when we remembered that the Winter Tanners 50km trail run is this coming weekend which promises to be a fantastic run as ever. It is one hell of a tough run with evil ascents and I still remember the 100m climb in 2km which saw me bent double over at the 25 mile mark gasping for air. I remember reporting:

Miles came and went but at 25 miles we were directed through a small town and then up the side of Box Hill, we soon began to realise the last check point was at the top of the hill! This hill was outrageously hard and in a matter of 1/4 mile we had to climb 436 feet, the steepest section was an incredible way could we run this section but frog marched up and when I reached the stile at the top, turned around, leaned on the fence and just about stopped myself from vomiting!
I have been out for a run this evening and was amazed that in January it can be so mild and it almost seems wrong to run an event with the word "Winter" when it is so warm but rumour has it is going to turn quite cool on Sunday so warm kit is going to be packed plus the fact I am looking forward to seeing David and Rob to catch up on the news


  1. And here was me trying to pretend that my memories of the climbs were being mixed up with running in the Lakes! Still looking forwards to it again though :)

  2. I haven't run the event before but know the area a little something I look forward to Box Hill and the energy sapping sand of St Martha's with trepidation! I haven't run that far since my recovering from my summer's whinjuries, so it'll be a good test of the legs. Have fun!

  3. Jezza - Don't forget my stuff sac. I know you have been keeping it safe since April, but I think it want's to come home now :-) Looking forward to seeing you and Rob on Sunday, what time are we meeting at the start?

    1. I have your bag packed and it will be replaced tomorrow, see you then.