Saturday, 28 January 2012

Worn in not out

This is an old adage that I learnt from a fantastic gentleman called Mike Inster the organiser of the Moonlight Challenge and the subject of the book Unstoppable.

Through the past few years I have gathered pieces of kit from running shirts for finishing an event, waterproof jackets, shorts  and much more but the amount of running I do the kit does take a beating as well as my poor old body. Take this last week for example, 

  1. I return from my night run last Saturday having worn my OMM Kamleika smock for both runs totalling 17 miles and pull my shirt off to find a red welt just behind my right armpit. This was caused by a seam weld coming unstuck and the sharp take scratching me...imagine what it would be like after 100 miles?
  2. My run last night whilst being a standard run on my return pulled my sock off and my toenail finally decided to lift off. I am down to 7.5 nails now which is down to just general wear and tear from the mileage.
  3. I often find that I have a series of sores around the kidney area where my backpack rubs against my shorts
Imagine my annoyance ( and amusement) that I noted in the past week or so when I started to feel an odd sensation in my right buttock cheek which initially felt like muscle pulling. I would get home, bathe and then be rested to realise that the sensation had gone only returning when I ran....but then only when I wore my Skins A200 tights. Then imagine my embarrassment when I now the know the reason, discovering it is not my muscle but the ENORMOUS cleaning instructions label in them which will soon be cut off.

As for the smock, I have snipped off the various pieces of seam welding that were scratching me  and hope they hold out as it is a great piece of kit.

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