Sunday, 12 February 2012

All down hill now

Today marked the last "big" training run before the Thames Path 100 in March and to be frank, it held no joy for me as I plodded out of the door by myself again to go through the drudge run in conditions not best described as inspiring. As usual my intention was to get through it as consistently as possible and just stick to the roads and wave or nod curteously to runners and cyclists as I went through it not too surprisingly there were not too many about today. How I miss the solace of the North Downs Way.

The run completed I have spent the day marking college scripts ahead of the deadline and was probably one of the reasons I was not that inspired today but they are complete now, all submitted and it allows me a little respite to do some more planning for the race. I am affectively in taper mode from now and until then but I want to complete my 88km (55 mile) 5 day streak on Tuesday and after that steady shortish 10 mile runs to get the legs settled and remembering what they are here for.

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