Monday, 13 February 2012

Besti Squat *

No, Dear Reader we are not back to the age old question of "Do ultrarunners $h1t in the woods" but what does a stupid ultrarunner do when:
  1. Running through the woods in the dark,
  2. With a headtorch whose battery is fast running out,
  3. Assumes all the snow and ice has melted away,
  4. Is going full pelt down the path
  5. and finds an icey patch.
That's right, he does a Besti Squat!!!!

Besti Squat*
Never in short running history has something as innocuous as a slight slip been so dramatic as I was seen to slide in this ridiculous pose. How these skaters make it look so graceful and gentle I do not know but for me it was full of waving arms, swearing and cursing to then miraculously stumble at the end to carry running without a break in step.

That said and done, I had quite a pleasing run tonight with a few aches in my hamstrings and IT Band but nothing a nice warm bath won't ease out


  1. Oh dear, glad you stayed on your fee Jerry, maybe it was the costume helping you stay up, were you wearing your budgie smugglers :-)

  2. The budgie smugglers were perfect support