Saturday, 18 February 2012


Pleased with my consistent run on Thursday evening I awoke Friday morning, lay under my duvet, gave myself a luxurious stretch, the type one has after a deep sleep to find that my legs were possibly still slumbering. Standing up it was very noticeable that my legs were tired....that nice tired that tells you that the training is working. It is then I realised that I was really hungry which is a common occurrence these days when waking up such that I am beginning to have breakfast again normally comprising 2 toast first thing and then fruit at my desk as I tuck into a fresh coffee.

The delightful Mrs S was off to work and I managed to blag a lift to the station allowing me to get the earlier train, I sat there reading my Ipad feeling, yes you have got it, hungry and just  little bit tired.

Finding the lift is still out at work I have got used to doubling up 10 flights of stairs which just felt that little bit more uncomfortable for the umpteenth time this afternoon.

It then occurred to me that I had run 61 miles in the past 7 days and they had been very consistent, focussed miles and it was obvious why I was so jaded such that this evening I slept on the train home. Arriving home I had an enormous roast chicken meal with piles of vegetables and a 90 minute sleep in the armchair.

Then I stood up giving myself a luxurious stretch, walked to my running shoes and put them back in the utility room....afterall, I am tapering and tonight was not scheduled in as a run, I cared not a jot

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