Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Today has been frustrating as Hell for me as I have been locked in a meeting room with 5 other people doing indepth project planning and only left it once to get some lunch to return and carry on for a total 8 hours leaving later than normal.

After leaving the office I was like a greyhound out of its trap chasing a hare and was a bundle full of energy and almost ran to the station and on boarding it heard an announcement to state that someone had collapsed and an ambulance was being called delaying us for a further 25 minutes. I used these extra minutes to have a snooze and in the end had 50 minutes of deep sleep waking just in time to get off and walk the 2 km home turning up over an hour later than normal finding a small bowl of cold pasta on the side. The Delicious (if a little apologetic) Mrs S had not done enough not realising until she saw my bowl but I happily tucked in and as I licked the last piece of sauce from the bowl planned to burn off the excess energy of the day and go for a run, that is, until my work phone rung and I heard the bemoaning tale that the server guys had broken my system leaving me the honour of fault finding and fixing the issue which took over an hour and the time was now way past 8.30 pm a run was now out of the question.

I know I shouldn't be grumbling as I am tapering and Thursday is my officially planned run but it can be nice just to get out and get some fresh air and blow the cobwebs out so should lie back and enjoy the rest.....although I am fidgeting like there is no tomorrow.

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  1. I can almost feel your frustration. Being a runner is not always easy and work never helps.