Monday, 6 February 2012

The gloves are off

Now that the Moonlight Challenge is out of the way on my Events Page I now have the chance to start planning for sure for the Thames Path 100 mile race. This is an interesting thing to plan as it looks as though I will be doing it under my own steam and so will have to look at really utilising the drop bag facility at the 28, 51, 71 and 91 mile marks, so it will not just be food but clothes as well.

I have just discovered that a lovely lady called Emma who ran with her husband on my recent night run will be at the half way checkpoint  and I have already put in an order of jam sandwiches to go with my pasta soup...yum.

I feel happy in my planning stages as it really starts to focus my mind, provide me with goals for the run and collect my thoughts. The image above is just a start to get the checkpoints set up, with projected minimum times to try for the sub-24 hour finish...more to follow.


  1. This is very exciting! Planning like this is one of the things that motivates me to run. All the best!

  2. If you stop for hot food at every stop, you'll never do a sub 24!!

    1. I agree, those are not my plans to say that is "when" I want hot food. The picture above is "where" it is available and I will plan around that. I propose to eat hot food at the 51 mile mark of Henley where I want pasta soup and I am organising jam sandwiches to be prepared by a chum. After that I will play it by ear (and tummy)