Saturday, 18 February 2012


Looking forward to tomorrow (Sunday) when I will be driving out to High Elms with my good friend Bhundu to join the H.E.R.O.S (High Elms Run On Sunday). I just love this group of people as they comprise most of my friends from all the running clubs in the area. It is not a club per se but a guaranteed cross country run of about 90 minutes.

I last saw the H.E.R.O.S two weeks ago when I was on my 24 mile solo run and am forever kicking myself for not running with them as often as I should because the runs are always full of laughter with the chance of finding a few new paths.

So look out High Elms, Bhundu and I am coming to play...distance? I care not a jot.

Image linked from the H.E.R.O.S website


  1. Yes Rob, it is open to all. We can go for a 10 miler before hand and then join them after.