Saturday, 25 February 2012

Kit collection starts

I am [yet again] viewed with suspicion by the delightful Mrs S as a small mound of items is slowly growing in the dining room and my sports bag is placed nearby. I have been very mindful of her wishes to keep the house tidy so am keeping it all in one place ready to move it at a moments notice.

The new kit appears
I am going to admit that I am beginning to get a little daunted by the Thames Path 100 but have done a lot of preparation and am pleased to see that I can take drop bags. Our main kit will be taken to the end immediately but we can label bags to be left at miles 28, 51, 71 and 91 the secret is what will be best left. They coincide with hot food so it may best just to put snack replenishment for "in between" times and the other logistical point is they cannot be over a certain size and in my view disposable as I do not want to hand around later collecting expensive boxes or bags

The cunning plan
So here is my cunning plan, buy cheap shoe bags for the princely sum of £1.00 each from a local low cost sports shop and when used, fill them with the previous leg's rubbish and discard. The young lady at the shop was rather taken aback when I walked up with 5 bags but they are pretty good for temporary use, double-lined with thick plastic and a draw string...genius :-)

Next bargain was I found that the local petrol station was selling Red Bull Shots at half price as they are near their sell by date so they are going in the latter bags and a pile of new socks will be disseminated  soon

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  1. I have even bought a cheap toothbrush (15 pence) so that I can freshen up at one check I getting obsessive?